Have the security imagery you need

No more worries about bad imagery from cameras with

▪ Blur ▪ Tilt ▪ Tamper ▪ Obstruction ▪ Glare ▪ Blank/black screen




Assurance that your cameras’ view is as intended

With so much at stake, how certain are you that manual verification is really and diligently done!?


Per year

Each year - 50% of cameras will have a view problem

 Per month

Manual camera verification for 1,000 cameras. 
This means an estimated amount of 55 hours per week.


Payout in 31% of on-premise security negligence cases including camera negligence

Why check the security camera image?

The Solution: Ai-RGUS

Ai-RGUS is Artificial Intelligence, low-cost, easy to use, and highly accurate solution. 
Ai-RGUS automatically inspects each camera and alerts you when the view is compromised by:

▪ Blur ▪ Tilt ▪ Tamper ▪ Obstruction ▪ Glare ▪ Black/blank screen ▪ More on request

Ai-RGUS Dashboard

Ai-RGUS's simple user interface saves operators' time by streamlining the camera inspection process. You will also get reports, alerts, statistics and even work orders to make correcting your cameras’ wellness easy.


Duke University

" Using this software we spend on average

5 minutes/day inspecting our 2,000+ cameras, significantly reducing the team's workload and the average time cameras are unhealthy. "


Duke University Office of Information Technology

Duke University Police Department

" Ai-RGUS helps us resolve both short-term camera view problems and gradual camera degradation. "

Durham Facilities Management

Solution Benefits

Avoid liability & protect your brand with Ai-RGUS, our AI-based security camera view inspection software

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Ai-RGUS is AI-software developed for Duke U. to automatically verify that security cameras continue to produce their intended video to improve safety and security on premises.

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