Translate Your Video Into Knowledge

We leverage cutting-edge advances in computer vision research to translate large volumes of video into useful information and actionable insights.  Below we highlight some of our core technologies, which can be incorporated into custom solutions to improve safety and security - please contact us for a free consultation.

Text-based Video Search

Sifting through volumes of video for a specific events or objects can be time-consuming and impractical.  Our video-search engine allows you to search for specific objects across large camera networks using only textual descriptions. For example, you can search for "motorcycle" or "cars" and it will point you to the specific camera and time where such objects appear.  The video below provides a live demonstration of the search engine.


Person detection

Using state-of-the-art deep learning technology, people can be detected from a variety of viewpoints and distances.  Our person detection engine can be applied to tasks such as heat-mapping, entering a restricted area or crossing a line, counting, and loiter detection, among others.  

Person Detection Examples Using our Engine


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Ai-RGUS is AI-software developed for Duke U. to automatically verify that security cameras continue to produce their intended video to improve safety and security on premises.

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