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Intelligent camera monitoring: find security camera view problems before you need the footage

Product Overview

DVI’s AI based software, Watchdog, has a 99.6% success rate identifying unwell cameras. Watchdog never tires from monitoring your cameras and gives you peace of mind that each camera is really and consistently verified.


Protect your brand and show your dedication to safety by using Watchdog to actively monitor your cameras’ wellness.

" This software is currently in production on Duke's security camera system, lowering the burden on manual cameras inspection, and serving to reduce overall camera downtime"


Tracy Futhey, Duke University Chief Information Officer

Watchdog has significantly reduced the workload for our team members and has reduced the average time cameras spend in an unhealthy state."


John Dailey, Duke University Chief of Police


Trusted by

Duke University

Why Camera View Monitoring?

Security cameras are installed with a desired field of view and visual clarity. But how can you be sure your cameras are continuing to produce the desired footage?

Security cameras provide actionable evidence for victims and organizations in case of the worst.

Desired operating view

But camera view can change without warning and produce useless video!

Current (blocked) view


The Solution: Watchdog

Watchdog is an AI-based, low-cost, easy to use, and highly accurate solution. Watchdog automatically inspects each camera and alerts you when the view is compromised by:

▪ Blur ▪ Tilt ▪ Tamper ▪ Obstruction ▪ Glare ▪ More on request

Watchdog Dashboard

Watchdog's simple user interface saves operators' time by streamlining the camera inspection process. You will also get reports, alerts, statistics and even work orders to streamline correcting your cameras’ wellness.


Installation and Configuration

Our goal is to make it easy for you to maintain your cameras. We make sure Watchdog is seamlessly integrated into your workflow. 

Contact us if you require added features or use a different VMS.

Key Features

  • Frequent inspection: hourly, daily, or weekly

  • Shortlist of deficient cameras provided for manual review

  • Customized reports of camera and/or image issues

  • Collects historical camera system health statistics

Installation requirements

  • On site Virtual Machine (Windows/Unix) to install DVI software to access cameras 

  • Access to VMS or cameras directly (for ONVIF cameras)

  • Watchdog is integrated with ExacqVision, Genetec, Digital-Watchdog, VXG, Salient Systems, and more.


  • Cloud-based user interface


  • On premise user interface


  • REST-ful API


The Challenge of Camera Monitoring

Safety is compromised and liability is increased when camera conditions are degraded. To solve this problem, administrators find themselves regularly surveying their own surveillance systems. This process is a burden and the conditions that cause this often go unnoticed. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to verify and audit if the task was really done and with what level of care.

Video degradation due to time, weather, tampering, etc.

Tilted view

Desired camera condition



Empty video due to intermittent technical problems

Low camera power

Poor/lost network connection


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Ai-RGUS is AI-software developed for Duke U. to automatically verify that security cameras continue to produce their intended video to improve safety and security on premises.

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